All real persons and legal entities with legal capacity that adopt the association’s objectives and principles to work in this direction and hold the conditions stipulated by the bylaw have the right to become a member of this association.

There are five kinds of membership:

1. FOUNDING MEMBERS: Are the 7 people stated at the end page of bylaws.

2. PERMANENT MEMBERS:  Are those who believe in the objective and working ethics of the Club and have registered in accordance to relevant articles of this bylaw.

3. HONORARY MEMBERS: Are those who have significantly served and contributed to the objectives of the Club and yachting and have been accepted to membership by the decision of the Board of Directors. They do not have right to stand for election and vote and they pay the membership fee. They can be exempt of membership fee by the decision of the Board of Directors. They are registered in a register separate from other members.

4. GUEST MEMBERS: Those who can make certain contributions to the objectives and work topics of the Club can be elected as Guest Members by the decision of the Board of Directors, providing that the membership doesn’t exceed a year. They do not have right to vote or stand for election and do not pay a membership fee.

5. ATHLETE MEMBERS: Depending on the Club’s needs and means and with the condition of using the Club’s premises and equipment only during the period that he/she actively participates in sport, an athlete registered in the relevant Regional Headquarters can be accepted as an Athlete Member by the proposal of the Commodore or the ex officio decision of the Board of Directors. Athlete members do not pay an entry or membership fee, cannot be elected to Club’s bodies, or vote. It is compulsory for athletes below the age of 18 to present written consent from their parents or legal guardians. Athlete Members who become Permanent Members do not pay an entry fee.


Acceptance of people suitable for membership is subject to the following rules:

1. The applicant provides references from two permanent members, fills in and signs the membership application form and presents it to the Board of Directors. The reference members write an introduction letter about the applicant, limited to 2 paragraphs.

2. The Board of Directors advertise the pending applicant’s photographed application in the Club premises for 10 days from the day of application and 15 days on an electronic platform. New membership application is announced to the members on an electronic platform. During the pending period, the members of the Club present their opinion about the applicant to the Board of Directors. Assessments about the applicant are kept private.

3. In the first meeting held at the end of the pending period, the Board of Directors open a discussion about the applicant and moves on to voting. The applicant’s acceptance is voted in a secret ballot. The verdict is noted in the minute book. The assessment of the membership application is kept private. The verdict is final and cannot be challenged.

4. The verdict is served to the applicant in writing and on an electronic platform. Applicants who have been turned down have to wait for a year before re-applying. Applicants who have been turned down twice cannot apply for membership again.
5 .The applicant fulfils all his/her obligations within 15 days of acceptance of membership. Following this, the member gets recorded in the club member registry book and is presented with a certificate, authorizing the member to carry a membership card and the club pennant.

6.  The applicant cannot use the club premises until the application is finalized.

7.  In the case of application within a year, a deceased member’s spouse can become a permanent member without paying an entry fee, following an assessment by the Board of Directors.

8. The status of permanent members who fail to attend 2 general assemblies in a row without an excuse can be changed to Honorary Member or Guest Member by the decision of the Board of Directors.


Conditions of members’ use of the premises are regulated by bylaw and special regulations. Members, member’s spouses, children and guests can use the premises based on regulations set by the Board of Directors.


Membership ends in the case of a resignation or death. The member presents the Board of Directors with a written resignation request. However, in the case of resignation the financial obligation of the member continues until the end of term. The member is obliged to pay the membership fees and fee of utilization for that accounting period.


In the following cases, cancellation of membership takes place by decision of the Board of Directors. The verdict is definite and constant.

1. To forfeit the right to become a member of an association, to act against the laws, conditions of the bylaw and regulations.

2. Fail to pay the annual fees until the day of General Assembly or end of March of that particular year, fees of utilization and contribution within 60 days of notice.

3. Those whose membership has been cancelled and people who have been banned from the premises cannot access these premises even as a guest, accompanying a member.


Members have the right to attend ordinary and extraordinary general assemblies, to stand for election and vote for the association bodies, to benefit from all facilities of the association.


1. To act in a manner suited to bylaw and regulations.

2. To act in a manner suited to the decisions of Club authorities.

3. To respect the legal person of the Club and not offend them under any circumstances.

4. To take great care whilst using the Club’s equipment and premises.

5. To try to maintain general peace and quiet and protect membership rights within the Club premises.

6. To fulfil all financial obligations on time.

7. To maintain an amateur and sportsman spirit at all times.